1 /'levFl/ noun (C)
a) the measured amount of something that exists at a particular time or in a particular place: Inflation had dropped to its lowest level in 30 years.
(+ of): concern about the level of carbon monoxide in the air | high/low levels: High levels of radiation were found in the sea.
b) the amount of a quality that someone has or that exists in a situation: a very high level of commitment among the workforce | These simple exercises can dramatically reduce stress levels.
2 HEIGHT the height of something in relation to the ground or to another object: Hold out your arm at the same level as your shoulder. | at eye level (=at the same height as your eyes)
3 LIQUID the height of the surface of a liquid from the ground or from the bottom of a container: Check the water level in the car radiator.
-see also: sea level, water level
4 STANDARD a particular standard of skill or ability, for example in education or sport: Students at this level tend to have a lot of problems with grammar. | By 21, she was regularly playing at international level. | an advanced level coursebook
5 FLOOR/GROUND a floor or piece of ground, especially when considered in relation to another floor or piece of ground that is higher or lower: The town is built on different levels. | The medical center should be on one level for the convenience of patients.
6 RANK OF JOB all the people or jobs within an organization, industry etc that have similar amounts of importance and responsibility: Training was offered at each level in the department. | Decisions like this can only be made at board level.
7 at local level/at national level happening within a small area or the whole area of a country: Decisions are made at local and not national level.
8 on/at one level ... on/at another level used when you are considering something in one way and then in another way: At one level I really enjoy the work, but at another level I feel I should be doing something more challenging..
9 on a practical level/on a personal level etc used to talk about something, considering it in a practical, personal etc way: On a more practical level, we should consider how we are going to find the money.
10 be on the level informal to be honest: I'd like to buy that bloke's car, but I'm not sure he's on the level.
11 TOOL especially AmE a tool used for checking that a surface is flat; spirit-level
2 adjective
1 a surface, piece of land etc that is level is flat and does not slope in any direction: Make sure the ground is completely level before you lay the turf.
2 be level
a) two things that are level are at the same height as each other
(+ with): The top of the tree was level with the roof of the house.
b) BrE two sports teams, competitors etc that are level have the same number of points: draw level (=get enough points to be level): Faldo has drawn level with Ballesteros on twelve under par. | finish level: The two teams finished level, with 10 points each.
-see also: level-pegging
3 do your level best to try as hard as possible to do something: I'll do my level best to help you.
4 a level voice/look/gaze a steady voice, look etc, that shows you are calm or determined
5 level spoon(ful)/cup an amount of a substance, that is just enough to fill a spoon or cup, used as a measure in cooking
3 verb levelled, levelling BrE leveled, leveling AmE (T)
1 to make something flat and even: Pat leveled the wet concrete with a piece of wood.
2 to knock down or destroy a building or area completely: The bombing raid levelled a large part of the town.
3 level the score BrE to make the score in a game or competition equal
level sth at phrasal verb (T)
1 to aim something such as a weapon at someone or something
2 level a charge/accusation/criticism at to publicly criticize someone or say they are responsible for a crime, mistake etc: Outrageous accusations were levelled against some of Hollywood's most famous stars.
level off/out phrasal verb
1 (I) to stop climbing or falling, and continue at a fixed height: After climbing steeply through woodland the path levelled off. | The plane levelled out at 30,000 feet.
2 (I) to become steady in development or growth: Inflation has begun to level off.
3 (transitive level something off/out) to make something flat and smooth
level with sb phrasal verb (T) informal to speak honestly to someone, not hiding any unpleasant facts from them: He asked Ron to level with him about what people were saying about him. -see also: be on the level level 1 (10)

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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